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17 January 1998

"EDUCATION: Orange County High School of the Arts moves closer to having its own home."

"O.C. has day of prayers,
praise for Mother Teresa"
14 September 1997

"MOURNING: Catholics honor
`living saint' at local Masses
and memorial services."

This was my first
Front Page story
in the Register.

Historic Downtown Fullerton: a walking tour accenting architecture and style.

This was the cover story and double-truck centerfold Excursion feature in the
Nov. 15, 1997 edition of the Register magazine

The Orange County Fair,
Costa Mesa California, July 1997

Some of my work as part of the team
that worked at a live, working
(and very loud) newsroom
the paper set up in one of the fair's
public exhibit buildings.

Instead of covering the fair, we covered
"Orange County at the fair,"
especially the people who were there.

John Weaver is in pain every waking moment.
We found him at the fair rolling through life
with bright American flags on his wheelchair.
I told his story on 21 July 1997.

"Colorful heads cap the fair's Miranda rites"
24 July 1997

"Crummel Facing Eviction Notice"
17 May 1997

"COMMUNITY: The condo owner says
she didn't know about his past."

This was my first Register
Metro cover story, and my first
with my own byline.

I worked on this story, and a number
of others, as part of the team
that covered Orange County's third
"Megan's Law" outing
of a sex criminal by police.

Stories from my beat
Some of my work covering the communities of
Seal Beach, Los Alamitos and Rossmoor,
my permanent beat assignment at the Register.

Seal Beach and Los Alamitos are among
Orange County's 31 incorporated cities.
Rossmoor is an unicorporated enclave governed
by the county, nestled among the two and
Los Angeles County's Long Beach.

10 Los Alamitos cheerleaders booted
for stealing souvenirs - 30 March 1998

"SCHOOLS: Members of the nationally
honored team fess up to shoplifting and
are removed from the squad."

"Seal Beach recall bid forces election" - 30 October 1997
"GOVERNMENT: Opponents say
Patricia Campbell favors
commercial development
in north Seal Beach. "

"Council OKs Hellman Ranch project" - 22 October 1997
"CITIES: The development is approved after 18 years of debate."

The Kim Lockley Case

While I was new on my beat and developing my sources, I rediscovered a lawsuit by a former Seal Beach police officer fired in 1988 after it had gone for two years or so without being covered in the Register.

I researched his case in old stories, court documents and by combing through parts of a 760-plus page appeal filed by the city in the 4th District California Court of Appeal in Santa Ana.

City officials refuse all comment in the case, and refuse to disclose public records in violation of the California Public Records Act). Lockley's case is in its fourth appeal by the city, awaiting action by the state's Supreme Court.

"Order to reinstate, reimburse ex-Seal Beach officer stands" - 18 July 1997

"Ex-officer wins round against Seal Beach" - 30 September 1997
"CITIES: Kim Lockley has been battling for
back pay and reinstatement since he was fired 9 years ago."

"77-year-old robber: `I wasn't thinking' " - 20 August 1997
"CRIME: Ray Boeger says beer and bitter
discussion about financial woes
`triggered something in me.'"

"Complaint targets Seal Beach council" - 13 August 1997
"GOVERNMENT: An attorney says the closed
sessions on the Old Ranch deal
violated the Brown Act."
(California's open-meetings law)

"Republic buying Briggeman Disposal Inc." - 2 August 1997
"MERGERS: The $16.5 million deal for
Los Alamitos-based Briggeman requires councils' OK."
(This appeared in the Business section. The company
subject in the story was family owned for 40 years,
and served almost all of west Orange County.
It was bought by a national firm that already controlled
almost all trash pickup in north Orange County.)

"GOVERNMENT: Island Village would switch
allegiance from Long Beach to Seal Beach."

This was a Metro cover News Focus on a community's
efforts to secede from Los Angeles County
and join Orange County.

"To some, O.C. looks like the Promised Land" - 24 July 1997
Read what Metro columnist Gordon Dillow had to say in follow-up
the day after my Island Village story ran.

My clips from other publications

This was an unexpected one I found during a recent
search engine inquiry with my byline.
I actually wrote it for the Register,
but the picked it up.

"Magnetically Attracting Visitors" - February 1997
Published in , this
was among the freelance work I did from May 1996-May 1997.

"Cigar Connoisseurs Gather to Enjoy Friends, Good Life
3 April 1994
An abridged version of a story package I did
as a reporter at the Ontario, Calif. Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.
The Long Beach, Calif.
picked it up off the wire.

In case you already haven't, check out my resume.