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May 17, 1997

Crummel facing eviction notice

COMMUNITY: The condo owner says she didn't know about his past.

The Orange County Register

NEWPORT BEACH - James Lee Crummel, the convicted child molester and kidnaper whose presence in Newport Beach led to a public outcy, will be served with an eviction notice today, his condo's owner said.

Madelynn Forgey, daughter-in-law of Crummel's roommate, Dr. Burnell Forgey, said she called Crummel on Friday and told him he would be evicted. Crummel has 30 days to leave.

Crummel, 53, said he might move out before the deadline but doesn't know where he would go.

"We're still working on it," said Crummel, adding sarcastically: "I'd be glad to accept all ideas - and donations. "

Crummel said he was worried about who would care for his elderly roommate if he leaves.

Madelynn Forgey said she and her husband have known Crummel for years but knew nothing about his criminal past. They learned about his convictions from newspaper stories, which began after police distributed notices in Crummel's Newport Crest neighborhood Monday.

"It's a serious situation," said Forgey, the wife of Burnell Forgey's son, Duncan.

Neighbors, some of whom had offered to buy the condominium, called the pending eviction good news but resumed their nightly demonstration.

About 20 people, standing across the street from Crummel's home, shouted accusations that he committed other crimes, including three unsolved homicides. Investigators in Anaheim, Big Bear City and Riverside County have questioned Crummel about the deaths of the three boys, but he has not been charged.

Neighbor Elton Welham said he is not afraid of Crummel but wants to teach his two foster children to stay away from men such as Crummel.

"This is going to happen again until our Legislature changes the aws," Welham said.

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